Any one has his secrets,pretty little girl isn't expected

It's that. Save Karry, Roy instead

Today, the wearher is so cool and soft,comfort the people. No sweating, no dry,no dampen. And cause of the TFBOYS -ROY WONG, I had the beautiful mood all day, the boy who has the most beautiful smile in the world, cute, natural and genuine.
Though Aria now is shitting and make flart,haha,yeah,she is in one toilet solving her physical problems, meanwhile,misses the pretty teenager.
And them,she will go to bed for getting up early tomorrow doing exercises to keep the fit.
So now, she has to say Goodnight,all sweeties. Have the good dream. Love you all !(╯з╰)

Today, it's baby rabbit

Repost :如果你想快点成名,那么就得早点起床;如果你想快点长智,那么就得慢点骄傲;如果你想慢点老化,那么你就得快点学习;如果你想慢点淘汰,那么就得快点迈步。不怕路远,就怕志短;不怕缓慢,就怕常站;不怕贫穷,就怕惰懒;不怕对手悍,就怕自己颤。最难的,其实是自己。【晚安】

Stay up late

Luxury and dissipation life.

When you are alone, you always feel peaceful and calm. So don't be afraid of being oneself, show up your bravery and self reliance.

sometimes you cant ask somebody so much and so many commends , cus I am really have no idea either.

And maybe I am tired and I have a little jealous devil meaning, but when some undesired return back , you are moved and satisfied. 

Yeah, I am now . 

just cus my little sister giving me one her drink . though it was not bigger than one dusty , but it is definitely for her who are always selfish to make this decision .

I am growing up

  • I am growing up

  • When I met someone's ask , how about your  GRE grades?

  • I  do not avoid any more.

  • When I received the compassion without real hearts , but much  gloat,
    I am not feel autistic and shamed.

  • Cus I did surely paid out,

  • Cus I have surely gone through it,

  • Cus I am truly chasing it and not

  • quit until now.

  • And indeed , I will , I definitely will pay all my bets on it,

  • and the payback will come to me when I am indeed

  • preparing enough and equipping  sufficiently.


Fructus crataegi